Cleaning Guy'z Company, Inc., Cleaning Services  Commercial Office, Norfolk, VA

At Cleaning Guyz Company, We Serve YOU With A BETTER Cents of Purpose!

Smart business owners know if your looking for professional cleaners to come revive your place back to life then Cleaning Guy'z Company will be the answer. We will listen to any cleaning details you may have in mind. Then all your concerns are placed on paper. Here is where we begin to scope our plan of action into your budget.


Our company is built on making long lasting relationship with our clients and their building needs and concerns. We stand on integrity, communication and service. These three things are critical for any relationship to begin and mature.

Before I decided to start the Cleaning Guy’z Company it seemed that I would always come across people asking. “Why can’t I find a janitorial service that would listen our concerns about the building? Even though I am paying them it seems I have to manage the staff too?".

For those questions I had answers too and this is how the Cleaning Guy’z Company became a reality. I saw there was a need for a new kind of janitorial company. We would restore integrity, communication and service back into people business lives. While other cleaning companies are worried about landing the job. Cleaning Guy'z Company are worried about the relationship of keeping the job. Notice I said relationship first because we are here to listen to your cares and burdens and react if necessary. I can assure you this - you won’t have to manage us either!

Take a chance with us and fill out our schedule a appointment on the left of the screen right now. We are licensed, bonded and insured to keep you worry-free of any mishaps. All our work is back by our Gentleman’s Guarantee to keep us at our highest level of service.